Friday, February 13, 2009

Seen in the shops THIS lunch time

OK, it's been a week since my first blog (maybe this should read 'Seen in the shops this Friday'...) and yes, it is another cardie with cropped sleeves, but isn't the bib detail adorable? That and the braiding around the buttonholes make it look a whole lot more expensive than it actually is (a bargainous £15.99 from H&M after a 20% promotion!).

A surefire sign that it really is gorgeous was being asked by a style-savvy girl behind me in the queue for the tills where I'd found it in the shop before she dashed off to get one!

The sleeve length is perfect for showing off this season's chunky bangles - I'm thinking wooden ones will look good against the cream. And, to luxe up the cardie further, I'm going to replace the rather plain buttons for prettier vintage ones. My best Friday find so far!

PS. Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow x x x

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