Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lara Bohinc sample sale

I love sample sales. Designer items at hugely reduced prices? It's a bargainista fashionista's dream! So when I heard about the Lara Bohinc sample sale (on today and tomorrow) - with reductions of up to 90% - I was there bright and early.

I have to admit, I'm not actually a very good sample-sale shopper. The sheer amount of bargains to be had often overwhelms me. This sample sale was a case in point. Even with jewellery from £50 and heavily discounted wallets and handbags, nothing particularly screamed 'buy me, buy me' enough for me to part with my money (my friend Marina got a beautiful black patent bag with chain straps for £180 though). Instead, I ended up delving into the £5 bargain box and walked away with the five pieces of 'tat' (as the Stickman called them when I showed him my treasures) pictured above.

They may seem like 'tat' to him, but to me there's potential in these broken pieces of jewellery. For example, the rectangular item is a cast-off piece of belt. I'm picturing it as a brooch or maybe a belt buckle. And the broken bracelet in the centre? I'm all for mending it some way, somehow! So, watch this space and see what magic I can work. I've already turned the piece in the top left corner into a necklace...

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