Friday, April 3, 2009

Seen in the shops THIS lunch time

If you're like me and fancy working this season's tailored look without looking too, well, smart, then this H&M jacket is just the ticket.

This is what summer tailoring should be all about. A neat, flattering cut that works in two discreet front pockets? Check. A lightweight cotton and short sleeves to keep you cool? Check. Smart but not corporate? Check.

In this season's neutrals, it's a snip at £16.99. OK, it might not be lined, but the seams are all overlaid with satin for a tidy finish and if you replace the button for a 'smarter' version, you'll never guess it was less than 20 quid.

While it's still spring, layer it over fine long-sleeved jerseys, then replace with delicate-print camisoles or longer-length vest tops to counter the almost cropped cut of the jacket. Just don't add a white shirt!

I'm planning on wearing mine with a ribbed white tank from Gap, the Uniqlo skinnies and Converse.

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