Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fab finds for under a fiver

These two vintage bags have got to be my best bargains of the year so far. I got them both from eBay and, even with postage, they easily came in at under a fiver each. I kid you not! The tan leather satchel was just £2.70, while the black woven leather bag was a mere £1.24.

The adjustable strap on the satchel is genius - it allows me to use is as a shoulder bag or to carry it slung long across the body. With three compartments, one zipped, it's great for keeping my belongings neat and orderly.

As for the black bag, it may not hold much but I love its quirky charm. It's garnered many an appreciative glance and much comment, with people either wondering how to open it (the top flips up) or comparing it (favourably, I'd like to think) to a binocular case!

Their cool designs and gently lived-in state (a little worn, a lot loved) is what I like most about them - that and the price!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, I love that satchel bag - what a great find!



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