Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I heart these

I had a bit of a mid-week splurge today. Blame it on the weather. One minute, it's gloriously sunny, the next it's cold and drizzly. It's just not warm enough for bare legs when the skies are having an off day, but not too cold for 60 deniers, either. Sheer tights are what I need.

So when I stumbled upon these sweet tights in the Tabio concession in Selfridges this lunch time, my heart almost skipped a beat. They'll look so cute with my M&S T-bars. Plus, they're exactly like the Viktor & Rolf for H&M ones (which came in red and in black).

At £8.50, they're not quite a bargain. But hey, 20 denier is the right direction towards bare legs and a teeny splurge of under a tenner doesn't really count, does it? Let's hope I don't ladder them on their first outing!

A word of advice: the sizing comes up small on this Japanese brand so buy bigger. And take your pick from brown and beige, too (although Tabio, red would be good!).


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