Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pushing daisies

Excuse me if this comes across as a bit Gok's Fashion Fix, but I wanted to share my first make-do-and-mend project with you.

Take a plain bra and some lace trim and with a few careful stitches you've got yourself a pretty piece of lingerie. Easy! Or, to imitate Gordon Ramsay: Bra. Lace. Sew. Done. All in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Whether you want an instant update for your existing underwear or need to buy bras on a budget, it really doesn't cost that much for nice undies.

This little project cost me just over £6 - for both the bra and the daisy lace trim!

Marks & Spencer is offering 25% off all bras until 25th May, so my already bargainous £15 two-pack was reduced by £3.75 and, after the VAT adjustment, it came in at £10.93 - that's just a couple of pence shy of £5.50 per bra!

As for the daisy trim, that was a mere 65p (£1.30 per m) from John Lewis. I was on the scout for a more luxurious lace, but couldn't scoff at such a cheap frill! I'm liking the mauve and white contrast (I tested the trimming wouldn't run in the wash by running a swatch under the hot tap first!). Maybe the second bra will have to benefit from a sexier (lacier) revamp, too.

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  1. Beautiful and creative. The lace could have been slightly outwards to prevent the little bit view of the white of the bra giving a nice professional finish. But creative and cheap nevertheless. Thanks for sharing and keep fabricating... -GS! (you know how to reach me) :)



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