Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free flip-flops (almost)

Summer wouldn't be summer without a pair of flip-flops and my all-time favourites have to be these LK Bennett ones. I love their traditional floral designs, which hint at classic Liberty prints, and the comfort factor, combining sturdy cotton with cooling rafia.

I discovered them a few years ago, when they were free with a magazine. Usually, free flip-flops tacked onto a women's glossy aren't much cop, but these LK Bennett pairs in pretty rosebud and floral sprig fabrics were surprisingly quite good quality. So good, in fact, that I've hunted them down on eBay and stocked up on some more. That's the beauty of eBay - there's always someone selling something that you may have missed out on first time around. And, while they were no longer free, I really didn't mind paying a couple of quid for them.


  1. Great design of those flip flops!! It is really best for summer time...

  2. Flip flops are great to wear this summer especilly when you are in the beach and enjoying the heat.



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