Friday, August 28, 2009

Holding out for a hero

When I'm shopping for bargains, £50 is my cut-off point. Anything over that requires due thought and consideration. There are plenty of times when I've spend way and above that, but it's a general rule I try to stick by.

Unless, of course, I spot a real treasure that unreservedly deserves its higher price point. Such as this Topshop Unique jacket.

Right now, it's all about the 'hero' or 'trophy' jacket - a show-stopper piece that's heavy on the beading/bling/embellishment; the one item that singlehandedly transforms your look from wallflower to I-want-to-be-her.

This jacket is a trophy you'll want to parade. It's an investment piece. One that will see you through season after season. OK, it's a hefty £125, but you do get a large quantity of beadwork and sequins for your money. Heck, it's almost a couture piece for the amount of labour that went into making it.

And, if that weren't enough, it weighs in at an impressive 787g - that's over three-quarters of a bag of sugar or nearly eight large bars of Green & Blacks chocolate!

Sure, it's glitzy and glam, but it's extremely versatile, too. My favourite look is to team it with skinny blue jeans and a long slouchy white tee or vest top. It dresses up everyday basics with zero effort, while eveningwear is transformed from sophisticated to stand-out sexy. The trick is to ensure the jacket is your statement piece, so stick to neutrals all-round except for the hero in your wardrobe.


  1. Oh, it's amazing! mY hero too! lol...
    But can't find it in the topshop web!!!! And living in TEnerife, I'm sooooo far away from a topshop store! lol...
    Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful piece!

  2. Gorgeous jacket! You will have that forever so worth every penny. I see girls who work in topshop wearing it but it must have been in store a mere minute before selling out as I have never seen it on the rails!

    Great blog!

  3. Thanks Christina! The jacket was only available on the Topshop website and at Topshop Oxford Circus - although I found mine at Topshop in Selfridges (and yes, it was only in there for a couple of days!). Still, the exclusivity of it probably makes the price feel just that little bit more bargainous!



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