Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Marmite effect

Animal print. It's like Marmite. You either love it or hate. Me, I fall in the latter camp. Too bold, too brass, too Bet Lynch. But, since the advent of Stephen Sprouse's graffiti leopard print for Louis Vuitton, my head has been slowly but surely turned.

It started with a pair of grey leopard-print socks from Topshop. A mere £3 step towards embracing a pattern, a print that previously I'd abhorred. The discreet flash of an ankle which revealed my animal-print tastes was enough for me. Plus, the socks were nice and thick, which is a bonus.

Yet still, I'm not brave enough to camouflage myself in animal print. Although I must admit, I am tempted by the patterned leggings around (having both seen an edgy Topshop pair worn by a colleague and a picture of the King of Pop in grey leopard-print skinnies - they were nice, ok!).

So, my next step? For now, it's this scarf from H&M. As you can see from the sale tag, it's a rather bargainous three quid (don't you just love the reductions at the end of the sales?). Reduced from £12.99, it's a cheap investment into a look I'm still finding my feet with. I mean, the purple's rather loud, rather wacky. But this 1.5m square of cloth does seem rather useful. I think its primary function is actually a sarong. It's large enough. And light enough to cover up from the sun. Ditto for wrapping it around your neck when it's cold. Yes, we'll see how we get on, this leopard-print scarf and I.

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