Monday, August 10, 2009

Heart to heart

I just wanted to give you the head's up on some more heart tights. Remember the Tabio ones I blogged about back in May? Well, Topshop has now got in on the act. I spotted their version (on left) today and the shop assistant told me they'd just come in. The hearts aren't so dinky dainty as the Tabio ones - no, we're talking bold, big-hearted tights here (but only slightly so).

At £8 a pop, you may not think that's an amazing bargain, but consider it this way: it's a cheap investment to give an outfit a whole new spin and far more thrifty than buying a piece of clothing. So remember this smart shopping tip: accessories are the economical way to update your look - fast.

As for the other pair of Topshop tights (on right), these were most definitely a steal: reduced in the sale from £8 to just £1. I love how the stocking-like 'seam' that goes up the back of the legs is made up of teeny tiny hearts. So cute. So sexy. And a great buy for next season. Team with a skirt suit by day to work the 1940s look, then swap for a LBD for night. Or even a LPD (little pink dress). Trust me, hot pink is a/w's big colour trend.

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