Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love Jamie

The Stickman has had a pair of jeans named after him! By Topshop no less. And, pitched as the Ultimate Skinny, it's a case of like name, like nature! At £40, it's a cheap price to pay to have my husband's name printed on my waistband.

Described as super spray-on skinnies, these denims most definitely fit the bill - the bottoms are little over 12cm wide. I'd almost go as far as saying they should come with a public health warning! They'll look great with the Gap biker boots though.

I'm also loving Topshop's cream biker panel skinnies. With ribbed biker-style knee pads and sexy short zips at the back of each leg, this is the stylish way to work the biker trend, as well as being the hottest denim look this season. And for just £45, too.

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