Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The ones that nearly got away

Don't you just hate it when you see something you like in a shop and they don't have your size? Or you wait until pay day to get it and then it's all sold out?

These three items are things I missed out on first-time around in Topshop last year. But, undeterred, I tracked them down on eBay and got them all for a fraction of their original price. Now that's what I call bargain hunting!

That's the beauty of eBay - someone, somewhere, will be selling something you want. And there's plenty of people offering high-street labels - either because they're hoping to make a fast buck with a sell-out piece or sale item or because they bought it, wore it and got bored of it.

The first two pieces fall into the latter category. But, despite being second-hand, both the ra-ra skirt and heart-shaped clutch bag showed very little signs of wear, so instead of the Topshop prices of £29.99 and £24.99 respectively, I got them for a tenner each. And, considering I couldn't decide whether to buy them when I saw them in the shop, that's a pretty good result.

I was worried the skirt was too short and the bag too frivolous, but eBay prices allowed me to experiment with skirt lengths and a vanity buy became a bargainous one. So I worked the 80s trend with my ra-ra skirt, loved it for its graffiti flower print in the style of Stephen Sprouse and then sold it back on eBay again once I'd had my fun. The hard-cased heart clutch reminds me of Temperley's a/w 2008 apple-shaped version which I lusted after. Impractical but quirky, it's a keeper as tartan is a classic that will always make a seasonal appearance.

Btw, Topshop is doing the solid heart clutch in chainmail this season - although it's rather disappointing that £28 only gets you chainmail on one side. For £30, meanwhile, you can upgrade to a black satin heart with the Union Jack in black and grey diamanté - definitely a look to rock come London Fashion Week's 25th anniversary this month. And, if you're balking at the prices, just take a leaf out of my book and track them down on eBay.

Which brings me to my last eBay purchase - a shop-fresh 40s-style tea dress that was £20 instead of £45. Again, I'd had my doubts in-store - this time because the dress was über-tight - so when I decided I did want it, it was long gone. Luckily, the dress didn't escape me because someone snapped it up in the Topshop sale to sell on eBay. I'm not sure if they made any profit, but I came away with an amazing dress that creates curves in all the right places and makes me look super-svelte. That alone is worth £20!

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  1. That heart shaped clutch is AMAZiNG! yeah maybe not that practical but fashion is seldom about comfort and more often about beauty at any cost, isn't it?



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