Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Ugg season

My friend Em and I are divided when it comes to Ugg boots. She's a chestnut girl, while for me it's black all the way. But one thing we're agreed on is the classic tall version. Extra sheepskin to keep us cosy? Yes, please!

But, breaking with tradition, I asked the Stickman for a pair of classic short Uggs... in chestnut for my birthday (back in March) and now it's time to see how we get on. Hell, if we don't, they'll be a rather expensive pair of slippers - or Em, they'll be heading your way!

If you're wondering why on earth I'd be asking for a pair of Uggs in springtime, it's simple:
a) My Ugg boot dealer, Shudoo, was offering 20% off
b) I know, from previous experience, that Ugg stocks get depleted come this time of year, so you could call it forward-planning

Anyway, let me share my top supplier of Ugg boots with you, as I've discovered 20% and 30% discounts from this internet retailer in the past. Launched last year, Shudoo quickly became the place to go for cheap Uggs - thanks to its promotions and also recommendations from Martin Lewis' website,

As well as stocking Uggs and its own line of sheepskin boots, called Jumbuck (cheaper than Uggs and just as cosy, with cute braiding on its short and tall versions), Shudoo offers lots of big-name brands such as Dune, Carvela, Bertie, Converse, Birkenstock, Havaianas, FitFlop, Hunters, French Sole, Pretty Ballerinas... you get the picture.

And, for the next week (until Friday 30th October), you can enjoy 20% off! Just enter MYSHUDOO at checkout to get your discount. Sadly, Ugg and a few other brands are excluded.

I'd also recommend signing up for Shudoo's newsletter as each time there's a deal going down, you'll hear about it first. And, if, like me, you're happy to stock up on Uggs out of season, I noticed that it ran some great reductions on sheepskin boots this summer.

Oh, and did I mention that Shudoo offers free delivery? Beats traipsing to the Ugg flagship stores in Manchester and London's Covent Garden and Westfield - the latter had to draft in extra security to deal with the queues when it opened last year!

Next on my Ugg shopping list? I'm tempted by the new Ugg Bailey Button style, but I think it will have to be some more classic talls - grey or the new shade of navy perhaps? Or maybe just black again!

PS. The socks are from Gap from a few years ago - with big fat hearts creating an alternative take on the argyle pattern (I'm a hearts and flowers girl through and through!).

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  1. I nice and hoping you and the chestnuts become the best of friends or and I evil and hope you have a falling out?

    Hmmmmmmmmmm.............. might be a little bit of both! He he!!!!!!!



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