Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 15: All you need is...

...love. Or, to be more precise, this love lasso ring from brother and sister duo, Zoe & Morgan. It's like having a love tattoo emblazoned across your finger - and complements my Alex Monroe flower ring (below) perfectly. See, I told you I was a hearts and flowers kinda girl!

So, what is the price of love? Well, in this case, £70 for silver and £80 for gold-plate.

Don't worry if this is out of Santa's price range as love is all around... Topshop does a gold metal love ring in the style of P Diddy and Kanye West for just a fiver, with love spelt out in big block capitals and a diamante heart for the 'o'. River Island, meanwhile, has a gold metal knuckleduster affair for £9.99. Worn across two fingers, love is again written out in capital letters with the 'o' replaced with a chunky outline of a heart.

If you like the love lasso ring as much as me, check out the rest of Zoe & Morgan's collection. It's an eclectic mix of beautiful pieces, from quirky animal designs - including foxes, swallows, swans and serpents - to fine jewellery pieces, such as the poison ring made with semi-precious stones. But what I love best are the unique clasps on the necklaces, which take the shape of a heart and arrow or a lock and key. Trust me, it'll make you swoon with delight!

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  1. I don't really consider myself outrightly girlish or sweet, but I have to say, these rings are really cute.




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