Friday, November 13, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Tomorrow sees the first H&M designer collaboration to launch on a Saturday. Yes, the hugely anticipated Jimmy Choo collection hits stores on the busiest shopping day of the week. So, for those of you who have missed out on previous H&M collaborations because of their midweek launches, or had to take a day off to shop, it's got a whole lot fairer (unless you work on a Saturday, of course).

Heck, the high-street retailer is even talking about orderly queues and wristbands with designated shopping times on them for the first 160 shoppers to ensure it's a 'better shopping experience' (I did wonder how Choo mania would allow room enough for everyone - or anyone! - to try on all the shoes!).

Let's hope H&M has taken a leaf out of Topshop's Christopher Kane launch and has enough stock to satisfy demand, because if there's just one quibble I have about H&M's collaborations, it's that stock is so limited it sells out on the first day. So, given all the hype and publicity, the majority of shoppers just don't even get to see the collections.

Anyway, it's time to think tactics and prepare for tomorrow. Here's my suggestions...

1. Familiarise yourself with the collection. It's all online at the H&M website.

2. Read up on the 'How to shop' rules, as the wristbands only apply if you're shopping for shoes, bag and accessories, not clothes. (Did I mention Jimmy Choo has made a foray into garments for this collaboration? My money's on the grey suede one-shouldered dress at £149.99 being the star buy.)

3. Target your store. Doors open at 9am, but it doesn't hurt to doublecheck and do make sure that your H&M of choice is selling the items you want as the collection is only available at selected branches.

Then, on the day, get there bright and early - and I do mean early. Wrap up warm and come armed with supplies (a flask of tea and some cookies will do nicely thank you very much) and some friends (shopping in numbers always helps on launch days like this!).

Good luck and let the 24-hour countdown begin!

PS. The leather shoes and suede zebra-print ones pictured above are both £79.99.


  1. My money's on the grey suede dress too, but I'm only getting it if the fit is perfect.. 199 euro is not petty cash to me! But I think I'll at least get the zebra print ballerinas.

  2. Just bought it over here in HK :)
    I got to snag a few pairs of shoes and some accessories.
    it was pretty good.



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