Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stella McCartney for GapKids & babyGap

Is it wrong to wear children's clothes... as an adult? Well, after someone in the office wore a glow-in-the-dark skeleton tee from Marks & Spencer's boys department for a Halloween party, I thought I might give it a whirl - especially given the launch of Stella McCartney for GapKids and babyGap today!

Don't get me wrong, I haven't got a hankering for kiddie's clothes, but with Stella being the latest in line as a Gap collaborator, I was curious to check out the goods. One glance and I was smitten - and I wanted more than anything to fit into it all! So, if journalists such as Angela Buttolph are willing to be filmed squeezing themselves into miniature Stella creations, the least I can do is a little Bargainista Fashionista research. After all, aren't kids' clothes meant to be cheaper?

Stella's collection for bambinos is exactly what designer babywear should be all about. Heavy on the use of organic cotton (natch) and cashmere, there are sweaters with sleeves that turn over into instant mitts, the cutest grey snowsuit with fleece-lined hood, kangaroo-style front pockets on tops, leggings and babygrows, Fair Isle knits and - as an extension of her days-of-the-week knickers - days-of-the-week babygrows.

Anyway, enough of the baby talk, as those items certainly aren't going to fit a grown up, and onto the girls collection. The grey cashmere hoodie (£65) is the one piece Stella says she and her team especially love and I can see why. It fits an adult! However, what I desperately wished I could shrink myself into was the cute corduroy smock dress with an all-over 'I love you' print. Alas, it's a stretch to even imagine it as a top - and a midriff-skimming one at that.

I fare better with the boys clothes, finding a yellow anorak (above) that's a steal at £40. I love the cheery colour - perfect for blustery, wintry walks along the beach. It's lightweight and the longer-length back with a snap-flap keeps my derriere covered, too. The only snag is that the sleeves come up a little short. But, in a 13 XL (the biggest size available), it does fit.

I envisage a lot of disappointed children out there as us adults snap up their threads! Still, there's another drop on 16th November if they (or you!) miss out on today's launch pieces.


  1. I see nothing wrong at all in wearings kids clothes if we are lucky enough to still fit into them!! I recently had a wedding to go to, and bought myself a beautiful skirt in Monsoon, aged 12-13 for about £36! Much cheaper than the adult section, and there's no VAT on kids clothes either.

    Oh, and I think I won, but I haven't had any confirmation yet...how long was it before they contacted you? Did they email you to get your address? I can't remember giving it to them before now...

  2. Harlo Susie
    I didn't know where to post this comment but I came upon you and your blogs after a feature in Elle a few months ago now - and have been reading ever since.
    Loved the piece covered in this month's Elle of your postcard wall etc.
    Today, am sure you know but Radio 1 Jo Whiley's show also featured you as the top 3 fashion sites to watch (you were No 2) but I was mortified when they said you were Japanese : ( Only cos I am a fellow Hong Kong girl but based in London now for a while.

    Wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blogs and love your work.
    Wrap up warm!

  3. Hi moodeve,
    Wow, that would have been amazing if I'd been mentioned on Jo Whiley's show but, sadly, I think you may have got me mixed up with Susie Bubble of Style Bubble... although my blog has been featured in Elle :)
    Hey, maybe someone should mention my blog to Jo Whiley!

  4. Oh solly la! : D

    I think your blog(s) are inspirational and great - you have a down to earth style I appreciate.

    Maybe let's hope that the other listeners thought it was you! ; D

    Can't wait to see your thoughts on the H&M Choo collection



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