Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 13: Chain reaction

I do like a bit of velvet and ribbon in jewellery. Day Birger et Mikkelsen did a beaded necklace a few years back where the beads were wrapped in black ribbon and the ribbon knotted between each bead. At £39.99, I passed it up and now wish I hadn't. Ditto the beaded and crocheted pompom necklace from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. At £40 in the sale, I should have snapped it up immediately, but, yet again, it was something I let slip through my fingers. C'est la vie. There are always going to be shopping regrets when funds are limited!

One thing I didn't let get away is this necklace from M&S. Well, at £5 in the sale, how could I? I love the length of luxe black velvet ribbon that's threaded through the links in the gold chain and tied into a decadent big bow. Note, the bow doesn't go at the nape of the neck - I wear it at the front, to one side. It looks so chic, so Chanel (almost!).

I bought this necklace a little while ago, but I'm featuring it as day 13 of my Advent calendar as it's an easy piece to copy and it's been a while since I did a 'make it your own' story. So, here's one for the weekend...

The materials are simple: one gold chain and one length of velvet ribbon.

There are plenty of gold chains on the high street right now, from H&M to Topshop. Choose one to your desired length (longer is better in my book) and make sure the links are big enough for ribbon to be threaded through. The chunkier the chain, the thicker the ribbon you can use.

As for the velvet ribbon, pick one that is twice the width of the links so that when you fold it in half lengthways to wind through the chain, both sides are velvet. The ribbon needs to be as long as the chain and then some - you need plenty of extra length for a satisfyingly indulgent bow. VV Rouleaux does an amazing selection of velvet ribbons with a divine choice of colours and thicknesses and John Lewis is good, too.

Weave the ribbon in and out through the chain links and tie the ends in a bow. Job done.

Of course, the ribbon needn't be velvet. I've seen similar necklaces in the shops recently where thin strips of silk ribbon or leather have been threaded through gold chain. Just work with what takes your fancy and have fun experimenting!

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  1. Brilliant going to make this today thanks xxx



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