Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2: Love letters

Remember the days before email, text, Facebook and Twitter? When the postman used to deliver your correspondence in the form of letters and postcards?

Nowadays, in a society that's too busy to stop, it means so much more to receive a piece of post from someone who's taken time out to write. Isn't it nice to see a handwritten envelope lying on your doormat? That slip of paper that says someone is thinking about you?

That's why day 2 of my Advent calendar is dedicated to these vintage-style necklaces from Urban Outfitters. I love their hint of nostalgia, harking back to an era when love notes would have been lovingly bundled together and tied up with ribbon, kept in a drawer and often pulled out to be read and re-read again.

These dinky love tokens are charming. I like the simple envelope necklace with its hinged flap that lifts up to reveal a note. Take it out and it reads 'Je t'aime' (for Anglophiles, there's an 'I love you' version, too). And the heart detail on the chain of the postcard necklace (below) reminds me of the distinctive touches that feature in Zoe & Morgan's jewellery (where chains are embellished with hearts and arrows, or locks and keys).

So, let someone tell you they care by adding these Urban Outfitter trinkets to your Christmas wish list. They're just £14 a piece.


  1. I have that postcard necklace - I love it and I always get so many comments on it ("what is it? Why have you got a postcard round your neck?").

    They do such cute stuff.

  2. I love them!!

    Blackberry Sherbet



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