Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 8: All fingers and thumbs

This is the season of the elbow-length glove, so I couldn't let my Advent-calendar countdown to Christmas go by without a mention to this key accessory trend - it's a bonus for me as much of my wardrobe comprises coats and cardies with cropped sleeves.

My favourite black H&M trench coat will benefit greatly from these long fingerless gloves from Dorothy Perkins - or rather my arms will, given the coat's three-quarter-length sleeves. I'll be kept warm and cosy from fingers to elbow. And the great advantage is that I can read my newspaper or write without having to remove my gloves!

The grey pair instantly goes with all of my wardrobe, but I am very drawn to the lime-yellow pair. At just £6, I may just have to have both!

For an even more bargainous pair, check out H&M. The fingerless gloves here are just £2.99, although they're a little shorter in length and not quite so soft. And, if you fancy completely fingerless, ie with no thumb hole, look to Toast for it's super-long arm warmers. They're a little more expensive at £25, but they do look very chic.

Take note, these are elbow-length gloves for day - the evening requires something a little less woolly and a whole lot more sophisticated.

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