Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 9: P-P-Pick up a penguin

The Stickman has a number of favourite jumpers which are as pristine as when he first got them (almost!). You see, he's careful to keep them as bobble-free as possible. Which is where this penguin-shaped Alessi clothes shaver comes in - or 'debobulator' as it's called in our house. I bought it for him for Christmas a few years ago.

It makes day 9 of my Advent calendar because I think it's a great gift idea - especially for bargainista fashionistas like you and I. After all, what better gadget for making your wardrobe look as good as new and for ensuring your favourite pieces last for longer? I find that carrying a handbag is one of the worst offenders for creating bobbles, so I'm forever borrowing Piripicchio, as Alessi has named this clothes shaver, to 'debobulate' my coats.

I love that Alessi has made this mundane household gadget - one that you'd usually find in those catalogues that come with the Sunday papers - into something fun and funky. It comes in a choice of cheery colours from red to blue to neon green for £23. If you think about the number of garments it can help to preserve and salvage, it's a worthwhile investment. And a cool-looking one at that.

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