Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

The launch of Sonia Rykiel's lingerie collection for H&M on Saturday was a delightful French fancy of silk, satin, velvet and lace. I may have missed the most popular pieces by the time I got to a H&M store, but there was still plenty of underwear to be had. This may be down to the fact that Sonia Rykiel on the high street is never going to be as high quality as Sonia Rykiel in her boutiques. But still, her quirky style was nonetheless prevalent in this H&M collaboration, from the lingerie in her trademark stripes to the accessories, which featured oversized bows on Alice bands and brooches (both £14.99) to giant rhinestones on these cute velvet slipper (£19.99).

Now, while I've claimed the term Rykiel red as my own (for the distinctive shade she used in her knitwear), her undies were indeed emblazoned with colour codes. A gift box of three pairs of knickers each had diamante stones spelling out the corresponding colours of the underwear from Rykiel black to Rykiel pink and Rykiel violet. It's a cute stocking filler for £14.99.

The black lace corset, meanwhile, is very well priced at £19.99. It's not as luxurious as lace should be, but it is the key piece to get you ahead with next season's trends because come spring/summer 2010, you'll be wearing underwear as outerwear - yes, really. And, if that's the case, you might as well reveal that it's Sonia Rykiel lingerie you're wearing!

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  1. Loved this collection, I got the 3 pack as a stocking filler for myself, hehe and the stripey set, gorgeous!x



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