Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school

It's Monday morning and probably the first day back at work in 2010 for most. So, I thought I'd inspire you with a new-season trend: satchels (apple for teacher/boss optional).

Yes, thanks to Chloe's s/s 2010 show, school-style satchels are making a comeback this season. Great news if you'd like to compartmentalise your life in your handbag! Personally, I do like the orderliness of a satchel - there's a home for everything from your purse to pens, which means no more rooting around at the bottom of your bag for your keys!

So, while many of you have been scouring the sales, I've been doing a bit of shopping of my own - from the comfort of my sofa. My online store of choice? eBay. There are plenty of old-school satchels up for auction. I snapped up this cute vintage one for the bargain price of £5.50 (well, £8 if you count postage, too). My top tip? Never assume a bag is made of leather from the picture, especially if it doesn't say so in the description. You don't want to be disappointed if you pay over the odds for something that it isn't when it arrives in the post! Just email the seller to check or bid accordingly. Happy hunting!


  1. so cute! i love satchels, i found a very battered very vintage-looking one from a charity shop for £11, not bad. The new Mulberry Alexa is gorgeous but the £600 price tag is a little off-putting...

  2. I've loved reading your fashion musings since seeing the article in the Observer. I'm such a div at buying clothes - nothing ever goes together and my budget is tight - so I am enjoying the down-to-earth can be quite scary sometimes!! Accessories are my biggest failing - can you give tips on how to wear/tie a scarf so that it looks stylish rather than the michelin man? ps seen any day-to-day boots in the sales, i'm not an ugg sort of girl?

  3. Hi Sartoriology, I'm loving the Mulberry Alexa, too, but it certainly isn't bargain-tastic. Anyway, charity shop finds are the best! x

  4. Hi Sarah, I'm so pleased you're enjoying the blog. I'll try and do a few more accessories stories in the future, as it is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to update your look. But do email me any questions and I'll do my best to reply. x

  5. Hi Susie, that's such a lovely little satchel that you managed to find on ebay! What sort of keywords do you use to find such neat finds on ebay? I've purchased things online before, but never from ebay, and I'd really love to get something like that.

    I love your blog, it's always a great wish to have endless amounts of money to buy whatever you can, but since in this world we're limited by our budgets, your blog shows that it really is possible to be fashionable and on budget at the same time :)!

  6. Hey rosetinted♥

    Apologies for the tardy reply. The keywords I used were 'vintage', 'leather' and 'satchel'. I also searched under 'bag' as well as 'satchel'. Putting in a colour like 'tan' also helps to narrow your search down. You do have to be quite persistent though and be prepared to trawl through pages and pages to find a gem, but it's worth it!

    Have fun hunting x x x



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