Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bargainista Fashionista is in The Observer Magazine!

Happy New Year! And, what a happy year it's shaping up to be as Bargainista Fashionista is in The Observer Magazine today!!! Yep, yours truly is featured in the 30 Ideas for a Better Life story, along with a picture of moi in my River Island bear hat!

The article is about bright ideas to help you make the most of 2010, such as how to become a savvy fashion shopper (which is where my blog comes in!). If you missed the magazine, you can read the feature online (although, sadly, minus the bear hat picture). Enjoy!


  1. Aahh, that's why i'm reading now, i read about you in my stepdad's paper this morning! Great blog, will be logging in on a regular basis as i definitely would have bought a lot of your previous recommendations!!

  2. i want to follow you and i'm not sure how! letme know x

  3. Hi Je suis style, If you are on Blogger, you can add my blog to your Reading List on the Dashboard page. Or you can click on the 'Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)' link at the bottom of my blog page to subscribe to my blog. I'm also on Twitter, so you can follow me from there ( Hope that helps x



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