Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's in my laundry basket...?

This weekend, I've mostly been reading Elle Collections. OK, I admit, I may have been forcing it upon my nearest and dearest because I worked on it, but, by God, is it worth sharing. Buy it now to get the heads up on this season's key trends - and the designer looks you'll be copying on the high street. Not only is this an invaluable guide to spring/summer, it's also a thing of beauty - a coffee-table tome that you'll treasure. All for just £6.

There's lots to read, too. One of my favourite features is 'What's on my desk...?' where people like Sonia Rykiel have listed, well, the things on their desk (we're talking each and every item here). It's so interesting to learn what people surround themselves with in their working environment. So, as a tribute, I thought I might do a 'What's in my laundry basket...?' (What's in my wardrobe...? would have been a very long inventory, whereas this is a far more insightful view to what I've been favouring at the moment.)

So, what's in my laundry basket...?

01. Gap red knitted cardie, cotton and wool (the item that launched my blog!)
02. Uniqlo blue skinny jeans, cotton and elastane
03. Levi's blue 555 straight leg jeans, cotton and elastane
04. 18th Amendment blue Lollabrigida skinny jeans, cotton and elastane (I like to wash my denims in one go to help them retain their colour)
05. Poltock & Walsh white T-shirt with black snowflake print, bamboo cotton (I did a T-shirt swap with my friend Nicky)
06. Topshop multicoloured floral-print dress, polyester (bought on eBay)
07. Viktor & Rolf for H&M black short-sleeved top with sheer heart motif panel, silk (circa 2006)
08. Banana Republic canary yellow cardie with crocheted buttons, cotton (I haven't had anything else to wash it with, so it's been in my laundry basket forever!)
09. Gap black and white striped top, cotton and modal
10. H&M steely grey leggings, organic cotton
11. American Vintage grey sweater dress, cotton and polyester
12. Temperley for Target black miniskirt, polyester (circa 2007, from Selfridges)
13. COS multicoloured tie-dye print shift dress, silk (the ink-splattered print isn't disguising the red wine or chocolate stains any longer!)
14. New Look black Rock 'n' Roll sweater dress, acrylic, nylon and angora
15. Addict grey sweatshirt dress, cotton (bought from a sample sale in Brick Lane last month for £20)
16. H&M lilac and beige floral-print dress, organic cotton
17. Banana Republic pale blue pyjama bottoms, silk, cotton and cashmere (bought in 2006 during a trip to New York)
18. Sonia Rykiel black and white striped sweater with purple 'Paris' heart motif, merino wool (circa 2006, a Christmas present from the Stickman)
19. Marks & Spencer red leopard-print cardie, viscose and acrylic
20. Abercrombie & Fitch grey V-neck sweater (bought in 2006 during the same trip to New York)
21. White Stuff pink and grey striped socks, cotton, polyamide and elastane (an emergency purchase in Padstow after falling into a rock pool)
22. Various tights, socks and underwear
23. River Island pale blue and navy bear hat with pompom 'ears', acrylic and wool (the item responsible for my Observer Magazine fame!)

Bargainista Fashionista cleaning tips:
While many of my clothes have dry clean only labels, I hardly ever go to the dry cleaners. So long as you're careful, most items can be gently handwashed in cold or lukewarm water. And, if you've got a handwash function on your washing machine, even better.

I've also discovered Dr. Beckmann Dry Clean Only sheets (£3.49 for 3 sheets). Save money on your dry cleaning bills by using these instead. They remove spot stains and odours, leaving your clothes clean, refreshed and ready to wear in just 20 minutes. Just use the sheet to remove any stains and then place it in the tumble dryer with up to four garments for 20 minutes. And there you have it, dry cleaning at home for a fraction of the price.


  1. I have to say. I do like the timbre of your blog. The Christmas countdown was genius. It really achieves the lost art of being just like opening a letter.

  2. That is such a great idea for a post! Makes a change from the generic 'whats in my bag'!

  3. Not sure if you're the same Rachel or two different Rachels, but thanks for the comments :)

    I really enjoyed doing the Christmas countdown and I love the comparison to opening a letter. I love receiving letters!

    And I'm glad you liked the 'What's in my laundry basket...?' piece, too.

    x x x

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