Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's wicker, man!

What's more, it's just £7 from Primarni (aka Primark!).

Who'd have though straw could be so sophisticated? But take a cool boxy design and elegant gold and leather trim (faux, of course) and you've got yourself a new-season bag that will add class to a multitude of looks from utility to safari to military. Right now, I teaming it with a vintage cape, but I'm picturing it with a wardrobe of khaki or stone once the weather warms up.

It was my friend Laura who first spotted 'the hamper' - and it lives up to its nickname, being roomy enough to carry a bottle of wine (yes, I tried!). But, just so that we're clear, on office days it's used for my personal effects and sarnies!


  1. That bag looks so much more expensive then £7 from Primark! Love the wicker combined with the leather and like you said, could look pretty good with some of the khakis/military colours summer is bringing :)
    Might have to pay a visit to my local store!

    Camilla xx


  2. I tried to buy one earlier........will have to try another branch as Assistant in Leeds Primark told me they sold out witin an hour!

  3. Just thought I'd let you know that I have given you an award on my blog :)


  4. Did you ever customize the oversized striped top from H&M? I bought one in coral and I'm itching to do something with it!


  5. Love this bag! And such a bargain!


  6. Thanks for the award Makeup Kitten! x x x

    Hey Jade, I have to admit I've been enjoying wearing the top so much I haven't got round to customising it yet. Will see what I can do! x x x

  7. eeeep, love this bag and spotted Laura's, never knew it was Primark - now off to the shops... xxx

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