Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wise up

The postman beats a regular path to my front door. Mostly, it's statements and bills. But, occasionally, there's a Jiffy envelope or a box, with the whiff of an eBay auction win and the promise of the prize within.

The latest such package contained this dear little owl brooch. Sure, the gold metal is slightly tarnished, but that adds to its charm. Its puffed plastic chest, meanwhile, is a pleasing coral colour (so this season!) and adds height to its diminutive one-inch stature. It's a vintage Boucher piece, although I certainly wasn't searching under that keyword - vintage, owl and brooch was as far as I got!

Anyway, it was a steal at less than a fiver. But, being Stateside, postage more than doubled the cost. Still, for under a tenner, it's a sweet, original piece. And that's what I love about it most. I'm not going to bump into someone else wearing the same thing any time soon.

So, if you want to luxe up your high-street look and make it your own, give it a unique twist by clever accessorising. It's all in the detail.

Here's my top three eBay tips to get you started:
1. Use search words such as 'vintage' or 'retro' (and 'pin' as well as 'brooch')
2. Extend your net worldwide. If postage isn't too prohibitive and exchange rates are favourable, then you're onto a winner
3. Never bid too much - there's always a new find to discover if you miss out. To keep your maximum bid down, ask yourself if you can afford it if it gets lost in the post. Works for me!

Happy hunting!


  1. By the way you are in this weeks Grazia!

  2. Many sellers on eBay charge outrageous shipping and handling when discounting their items cheaply. So you need to pay close attention to their postage charges. As a matter of fact, that's how some of them make money, by charging you $20 to ship something that only costs $3.

  3. I find that by using the word "old" instead of "vintage", you can find gems at v reasonable prices!

  4. Thank you for the eBay tips, especially the suggestion of searching under 'old' instead 'vintage'.
    x x x

    PS. Thanks for the tip-off Deborah P. V exciting news!



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