Friday, May 7, 2010

Red hot

My favourite Topshop sandals fell apart the other day. I've had several years of wear out of them, so it wasn't too distressful (although I did have to limp home with the sole hanging off). Plus, the Stickman said - in the manner of the mice in Bagpuss - 'We will fix it, we will mend it.' Good job, too, as it was a week of footwear disasters: I ruined the heel on my Chie Mihara shoes and had yet another pair of sandals disintegrate on my feet. So, what better excuse to go shoe shopping than out of necessity?

Usually, when I'm in need of something, I just don't find it. But I discovered these sandals in a shop when I wasn't even looking (don't you just love it when that happens?). They're from H&M, which, admittedly, isn't the first place I'd look for shoes, but their vibrant colour caught my eye - that and the elegant braided detail. I like the mini-wedge heel, which promises comfort alongside style. And the ankle tie that you wrap around your leg - it's a little bit boho and a whole lot summery. Oh, and I like the price, too - just £14.99.

Dress up blue denims in one easy hit. Give a hit of colour to an all-black ensemble. Team with a maxi dress. Or add to summer's prints - from ditsy florals to bold graphic patterns. You'll find that these sandals complement a multitude of looks, working your wardrobe from the office to off-duty, and from low-key to dressed-up. The most versatile summer shoes you could own? You bet.


  1. Hmmm...I have to admit I'm not such a fan of these sandals, but I can picture them looking really cute with a tea dress! xo

  2. Love these! Will have a look in Brighton H and M tomorrow!

  3. Gorgeous colour!

    I picked up the satin peep toe mini wedge pumps last year and they were awesome!

  4. Have them in black! They are super

  5. Just bought them for a garden wedding, great value, great colour and soooo comfy!



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