Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Belt up

Plaits are in. And it's not just hairstyles I'm talking about - plaited leather belts are everywhere on the high street right now, in brown and black, thick and thin.

I'm liking this tan one, reduced from £17.50 to £12.99 in the Gap sale. I'm sure there are cheaper versions around - I nearly bought a thinner one in H&M a little while ago. But this belt is a nice, thick, good quality leather. And, with a width of one inch, it's not too chunky, but not too feeble either. It's perfect for holding up blue jeans, cinching in a crisp white shirt or wrapping around the waist of a pretty floral dress.

I love that it's the kind of leather that improves with age and wear. Because of this very fact, it's a great style to look out for in charity shops and car-boot sales.

Thicker belts with a more complex plaited weave look especially good accentuating the waistline of a plain dress or a jacket. The trick is to wear the belt as a detail instead of a functional item. So, instead of buckling it up, tie it in a knot. It looks far more stylish.

Of course, the cheapest way to belt up is to borrow one from your boyfriend/brother/dad. It needn't be plaited - a classic, worn-in tan leather belt is just as boho and cool. And, of course, waist size isn't an issue when you're simply going to fasten the belt with a knot!


  1. Love the belt, its such a classic and will be gorgeous with a pretty dress. Also love the Primark dress you're wearing a couple of posts down xx I'm new to your blog today :) xx

  2. Hello Bunny, thanks kirstyb and welcome Em x !

    The Primark dress (http://www.bargainistafashionista.com/2010/06/hello-sunshine.html) is really lovely. Soft cotton, pretty florals - a summer dream! I've been wearing it loads lately - and the belt looks great with it, too.

    Keep reading! It's lovely to hear your thoughts.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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