Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the navy

I like Topshop's Boutique label. The designs are slightly more edgy and less mainstream than the core brand. You do, however, pay a little extra for the privilege of buying something that's deemed more exclusive (or desirable, as is the case with the Kate Moss Topshop range), but the benefit is that you end up with something that's less instantly recognisable as Topshop and which could pass for a more expensive label.

This cashmere-mix dress is a case in point. A flash of thigh at the front, a fluttery almost-train at the back - it's a modern, sophisticated alternative to a LBD. And I do like navy as a refreshing change to black.

Its asymmetric hem adds attitude - its rise and fall resulting in a rather slinky affair - while the gaping gash of the armholes are deliberately revealing and provocative.

While £40 doesn't get you much fabric - it's lightweight and thin - it does offer a sexy alternative to the body-con dress, softly draping the figure without clinging. It's allure lies in the contradiction: demurely covering up the body while also revealing subtle flashes of flesh.

But don't reveal more than you intend. Wearing something underneath is mandatory. I'm going for contrast with hot pink or fluoro vests. A lace body is good, too. And leggings protect your modesty somewhat, given the semi-sheer fabric; either that or go for a good pair of nude knickers that don't give themselves away with a VPL.

I'll also be flinging this over my bikini for poolside cocktails. Instant glamour guaranteed.


  1. That looks lovely and great to pack as well.....

  2. Love this dress! I think it'd look fab with a gold belt or something. Well done!

  3. adorable with those earrings

  4. Thanks lovely ladies!

    Deborah P, it is absolutely perfect for packing as it takes up hardly any space at all. It's a light as a feather! Does crease though.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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