Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Organik Rocka

So, did I buy anything at the launch of Mary's Living & Giving Shop for Save for Children last Saturday? I did indeedy. Sadly, not a vintage Chanel handbag (although it was tempting!) and, selflessly, not something for myself, either (although, as you can see, I've already borrowed it!).

I picked up this T-shirt for the Stickman for a tenner. Donated by Organik Rocka, the guitar design caught my eye, while its ├╝ber softness (it's made of bamboo and organic cotton) sealed the deal. And, as the Stickman's a bit of a muso in his spare time, I thought he might just like it (check out his tunes at www.carlinimusic.co.uk).

I'd not heard of Organik Rocka before, but a search on the internet revealed it's a label set up by some East London creatives interested in music, fashion and video. Many of the designs, like this one (which comes in white, too), are unisex. I'm liking the lips tee with metallic gold stars. Check it out.

PS. Thanks for the loan of the guitar Mr Em!



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