Monday, June 7, 2010

Spot the difference

If you love London designer Erdem's prints as much as I do, you'll like my latest finds...

One is a multicoloured floral-print silk dress by Erdem (as seen in the catwalk picture from Erdem's website).

The other is a collection of pieces in a similar flower pattern from Oasis.

So, if the beautiful Erdem dress is, sadly, a little out of your price range (it's £665 from, go for the pretty Eden prints at Oasis instead. The corset-style top is £35, the angular skirt with side pockets is £40 and the strapless dress (which comes with detachable straps) is £60.


  1. The oasis pieces are lovely- I'm feeling pretty smug though- I got a dress in a strikingly similar print yesterday in at Florence & Fred in Tesco for a bargainous £14

  2. Hi - love the blog. Passionate about Erdem also. Have you seen the Erdem pieces on sale at ( - still pricey, but reduced at least.
    best, Sarah



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