Sunday, June 13, 2010

White spirit

There's something very pleasing about a simple white dress. It's the unassuming design. The purity of the colour. And the promise of warm summer days. Which is why I'm loving this Zara number very much.

From the store's basic range, it's a sheer cotton babydoll design - double-layered to avoid transparency - with straps that turn into a racer-style back and the most minimalist of crochet detailing on the front.

It's an affordable £25.99 and also comes in coral pink and emerald green, but I'm liking white the best. You can always dye it the colour of your choice, too.

The beauty of a summer dress is that it's good to go. No wardrobe dilemmas. No fuss. It makes getting dressed in the mornings dead easy. Worn with my Primark beaded earrings (pictured above) and M&S wedges, this is my favourite summer outfit right now.


  1. That dress looks very flattering on you... I've got the exact same one but i look like a pregnant woman wearing that dress =D

  2. Thanks Indah! I do love a good smock dress - it's such a simple styling trick for concealing a bloated tummy or muffin top!!

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