Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top marks

Last year, I spotted the perfect leopard-print leggings for an animal-print virgin like myself. I'd only just become acquainted with the pattern after a lifetime of loathing, so I was taking tentative steps towards embracing it (see The Marmite Effect and Animal Attraction).

These leggings were a pale grey with a darker grey print. They were neither too loud nor too garish, thanks to the subtle colouring and the size of the leopard markings - which were of dainty, elegant proportions; baby-sized if you will (rather like the toddler steps I was talking towards being an animal-print lover).

The leggings were being worn by a girl on the tube, so I asked her where they were from. Uniqlo it turns out. Hurrah, they'd more than likely be bargainista-friendly. But a London-wide search proved fruitless - they'd sold out weeks ago.

So, what should have been a tale of a buy missed out on has a happy ending as, a year later, I've found them - in Uniqlo! I'm not sure if they're exactly the same as the ones I committed to memory, but they give me the low-key leopard-print fix I'm after. And yes, I'm one step further on the road to loving animal-print with this £6.99 purchase. They also come in fuchsia-pink and caramel, while for the bold, there's a graffiti-esque leopard-print, too.


  1. They look fab on you, love the shoes too x

  2. Thanks Em x !

    The shoes are my major sale bargain from last year - £50 reduced from £195! They're by Chie Mihara. See my blog post about them:

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  3. These leggings look amazing. UNIQLO always have quirky little bargains on offer.

  4. i really like them,
    love abit o' leopard print <3



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