Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GoodWorks buy one get one free offer

I don't often mention my beauty buys, but this is a bargain that's too good to miss: buy one get one free on GoodWorks products at Boots.

I discovered the range when I bought the Good Intentions Hand Lotion as a gift for Em. Every time I visit, I'm tempted to sneak it back as it smells so goddamn gorgeous! (That'll be the patchouli, orange and geranium.) Anyway, I finally decided to get my own, which is when saw this offer.

Now my hand wash and lotion of choice (should you care to know) is Molton Brown's Thai Vert, but at £15 a pop we're talking £30 to wash and moisturise here. Which is why GoodWorks is easily my thriftier choice. Its Good Sense Hand Wash and Good Intentions Hand Lotion are £8 each, so with the Boots offer, that's £8 for both! I know there are cheaper options but, trust me, the scent is divine.

And, if you've not heard of GoodWorks before, let me bring you up to speed. From the founder of This Works, it's a beauty range with a 'green conscience'. Think ethically sourced ingredients, pure essential oils, no artifical colour or fragrance and environmentally-friendly packaging.

There are shower gels, body scrubs, bath oils, body lotions, lip balm and more, so while the Boots deal lasts I'm going to get more acquainted with what's on offer.


  1. TK Maxx have got Goodworks shower gel and body lotion sets in store for £4.99

  2. I have been stocking up like crazy on Goodworks products because thay have also massively reduced the prices on some of the products. The bath oils Good Balance and Good Night's Sleep are now reduced to £2.50, Good Looking Body Lotion is down from £8 to £2, as is Good Invigorating Shower Gel, and the Good Kissing lip balm is marked down from £6 to £1.50. The price tickets are quite random - in some stores I have seen the bath oil marked down to £5 and in some it says £6.70, but when I've paid for them they've all come up as £2.50, PLUS they are buy one get one free. Over the weekend (from different stores), I bought 10 x bath oils (they keep for 3 years), 2 x body lotions, 2 x shower gels and 2 lip balms for £18, and full price this would have cost £148..! I will be going back tomorrow to get more, fantastic for gift ideas.

  3. Wow, thank you both for the bargainista tips!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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