Monday, September 20, 2010

The camel cover-up

It was a compliment from the BA cabin crew as I was boarding an early morning flight recently that reminded me to blog about this poncho. Because it is such a bargain. You may have already seen it in the latest H&M campaigns. Indeed, my friends Laura and Kelly have been rocking it for a few weeks now. And why wouldn't you?

In so-this-season camel, it's a mere £14.99. Yep, you heard me right. Plus, it comes in black and light grey, too. But H&M, if you're listening, a small request from my friend Hannah - could you do it in navy please? Thank you.

As to how to wear it, Laura's been teaming hers with T-shirts, shorts and clogs, Kelly with figure-hugging maxidresses or skintight leggings with hiking boots. Me, I've been wearing it with skinny jeans or over my Primark dress with an across-the-body bag and once-white Converse to eke out summer. It's the perfect cover-up right now when the weather's still mild enough not to warrant a coat.

Just follow the rule of revealing plenty of leg or keeping your bottom half slim and fitted to balance the poncho's generous one-size-fits-all proportions. After all, you want to look stylish as opposed to drowning in baggy clothes!


  1. Omg! It's sooo lush! And it's so cheap.. even better! Looks great on you too :) xo

  2. Very very nice - I would also recommend the camel cashmere mix cardi in Uniqlo - I got it in Xlarge for a slouchy fit.....

  3. Goodness I want this...I can't even tell you how much I want this!
    Sold out sadly...and going for more than double the price on eBay.
    Navy - agreed.

  4. Excellent latest fashions. Thanks to share...

  5. Hey Bargainistas,

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. So nice to hear from you all.

    Hi ChrissyDee,
    Did you know that H&M is now available online? Its shopping site launched last week and the poncho is on there. Look under ladies jumpers - it's currently on p4. Postage is £3.90 in the UK, so hopefully that makes it a little cheaper than those eBay opportunists :)

    Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for the Uniqlo tip. I was looking at those cardies just the other day! I got the camel V-neck jumper. Must make that another blog post!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  6. Its amazing, I bought it in grey, but due to my short stature It swamped me :(

    Looks amazing on you! Might try and gain a few inches somehow :)


  7. I lvoed this the minute I saw it in store and had to go straight in and buy it. With my pale complexion though the camel looked awful but the grey is perfect! Great for travelling :)



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