Thursday, September 9, 2010

H&M not S&M

Bar the odd jacket, leather clothing has never featured that heavily in my wardrobe. Too vampy, too S&M for my girlie sensibilities.

But maybe it's the Isabel Marant effect this season that's making me view leather in a whole new light. Her sexy-as-hell biker trousers certainly shake off my previous impressions of leather pants.

Maybe it's the colour palette, too. Done in rich caramel tones, leather takes on a totally different look from black. Less vampy, less S&M; certainly not more girlie, but definitely more chic.

Take this leather top from H&M - its toffee tones, butter-soft leather and minimalist, boxy design is sophisticated and luxurious. Think CĂ©line s/s 2010 without the price tag. At £69.99, it's not far off this summer's £75 Wallis version, but it is real leather and it is lined, even if the leather doesn't go as far as covering your back (camel-coloured cotton makes up the deficit). Also available in black and dark grey, this top instantly smartens jeans and goes perfectly with pencil skirts and this season's trousers - choose slim or cropped styles for a neat silhouette.

H&M also offers a V-neck dress with the same leather front and cotton back for £79.99. Available in camel and black, there's also two hidden front pockets. Plus, the advantage of the cotton back panel is that the fit is more flattering and oh-so sexy.


  1. I like how I am slowly being turned into someone who could possibly wear something leather and not feel like a tramp - This top looks really elegant and feminine.

    Ellie Rose

  2. It does look lovely on you I must admit and that colour is so fab. I also like the idea of the material back as my worry is that it would feel stiff and unyealding - not completely sold for us size 14/16 girls so sticking to belts and jackets at the mo - Have you any tips for a aviator jacket that is well priced? I was on the wait list for the ASOS one but it sold out before I could get near it!

  3. I am also worried with the aviator jacket that it will be like the sequin jacket debacle - there I bought a higher priced one from TopShop when they were first around and by the time I could wear it as it got cooler there were so many budget ones about that i thought mine looked tacky and went completely off it!

  4. looks wicked, i saw some leather pants in the h&m mens section, works on girls tops, mens bottoms...nope!



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