Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spot the difference

One is a minimalist, camel-coloured wool cape, hot off the Alexander Wang catwalk. The other is also a minimalist, camel-coloured wool cape, this time hot off the high street at Zara

With its clean, simple lines and luxe fabric, the Zara version is runway-worthy, but at a fraction of the designer price - £99, in fact. I love its cafe au lait colour, but if it's too pale a shade of camel for you, it also comes in rich toffee and black.

Now, there's something about a tailored cape that is refined and elegant, so much so I have to up the ante a little and dress like a lady. Hence, the M&S T-bars and a smart styling trick with my Gap skinny belt (it's been an invaluable buy!).

I have to say, this Zara cape is, hands-down, my favourite purchase of the season. It makes my previous cape choices pale into insignificance (sorry, H&M cape).

It's so true that what you wear affects how you feel. And this makes me feel sophisticated and oh-so chic. Below, I've wearing it sans belt and my almost-Céline vintage bag.


  1. How clever to wear it with a belt, I wouldn't have thought of that. Looks very elegant. *steals trick for the future, once I get a cape*

  2. ohhh my! if i saw you walk down the street wearing that, i'd definitely think you were a lady what lunches! absolutely beautiful cape x



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