Monday, November 15, 2010

Check mate

Is it greedy to want yet another cape?

Well, if I count the ones I've already got - my Zara smart camel cape, my H&M casual camel cape and my vintage baby blue cape - the answer's a big fat yes.

But, I'm finding this wool-mix Zara version a little hard to resist. It's the same design as my camel cape but a little more dressed-down, which I like. And it's black, cream and red weave reminds me of Burberry checks (in a good way).

I'd wear it with pencil skirts and skinny jeans alike, as it falls in both smart and casual camps. A veritable trait, given that the cape shape can limit what you wear on the bottom half (volume, longer lengths and maxis can prove tricksy).

The price for versatility? A reasonable £79.99. But given my camel cape looks far more expensive than it actually is (nay, almost designer, in fact), the same applies to this one. I have, after all, compared it Burberry!


  1. I got that cape the moment it hit stores here. It's really versatile and comfortable!

  2. very nice, you can never have too many of anything...



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