Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 20: Winter woollies

Fancy something a little more festive than my Gap Christmas jumper (which is £16.99 in the Gap sale btw)? Well, how about this intarsia knit from H&M (above)? It's £24.99 and snow cute! I like that the shoulders are subtly padded and, alongside this season's fair isle knits, I love the pattern, too. It's right at home with the current snowscapes we're got at the moment.

And, if keeping warm is what you're concerned about right now, then how about layering up with this H&M angora knit (below)? Part cape, part jumper and part hoodie, I adore its cosy cocoon shape with slits for armholes, a front pouch pocket and the longer length. The peachy nude tone, meanwhile, carries on this season's love affair with all things beige.

I'm not sure if it's meant to come with a belt as there wasn't one, but there is a belt loop inside the back of the jumper. It can definitely be worn cinched in, in the style of my Zara cape, with the belt going around the inside of the jumper at the back and fastened on the outside of the jumper at the front. But equally, it can be a winter wrap that's as casual as it is chic. And for just £29.99, too.


  1. Cute choices!! I love your blog--getting great stuff at cheap prices. I'm a huge fan of the fair isle look, so I love the first sweater, although I wish it didn't have padded shoulders...even so, nice picks! I am following you now :)

  2. That zara cape is so cute! May look out for this on my last-minute shopping spree tomorrow!

  3. awww totally loving the red christmas jumper! I've been looking for the perfect christmas jumper for ages!
    love your blog, i just found it and am now following :)
    would love it if you'd check out mine too...i'm a bit of a bargainista myself!

  4. Wow - glad you like the Christmas jumper. Hope you all had suitable sweaters for the festive period!

    Dahl, the shoulder pads are really insignificant, not at all 80s style, and you can always cut them out if you're really not keen. I'm not a big shoulder pad fan either.

    And E is for Eleanor, hope you found the Zara cape. I've seen a tobacco-coloured version around which looks really cool.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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