Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 4: Uniqlo's winter coats on offer

Another day, another bargain. This time, £20 off this Uniqlo coat. Usually £79.99, it's currently £59.99. All wool coats at Uniqlo are on offer right now and, for a limited period, there's even free delivery online, too.

With its rich caramel tone, softest wool, funnel neck, minimalist tailoring and androgynous design, it ticks all the boxes for this season's most desirable: the camel coat. Plus, it's a great high-street interpretation of the ones seen at Chloé and Stella McCartney. I particularly love the front breast pockets – a manly touch that's quirky and cool.

The only problem is, I like the black version (below), too. (It also comes in dark grey.)

While camel looks effortlessly chic and turns a simple coat into a statement piece, I rather like the understated presence of the black coat. It's more suited to all occasions and all manner of wardrobe; I think I'd feel the pressure to look smart at all times with the camel coat. Plus, with the black version, if I get bored I need only replace the buttons for brass ones and I'll be working the military trend.

Which one would you go for? Let me know as, even with £20 off, I can't justify keeping both!


  1. I think the black is nicer - and Mr Dreadful looked over my shoulder and agreed, so that is two votes!

  2. I like the camel better. at least on your photos ( and you look good in camel, which I do not!), but real life is different, go with what feels better for you.

    I am incredibly envious, if only Uniqlo would ship to mainland Europe. Their site says they will do it "soon", but it has been saying that for at least a year, if not longer! I love Uniqlo and their coat collection this year is just my thing. a lot of their winter collection is just my thing. I am very very envious.

  3. Thanks to your post, I went to my nearest Uniqlo and ended up bought a black coat with fur-trimmed hood. So, yes, you guessed it, I'm voting for the black. Black goes with everything, plus the camel will get grubby after a while, as everything non-black in London does. Though, yes, it does get a little tiring seeing everyone else in London wearing dark colours, and, as a Chinese with long black hair (like you), it's a little difficult to wear head-to-toe black!

  4. Definitely go with the black. It will be more versatile and I think your camel cape nails this season's trends. I'm sure this black coat will work as a wardrobe staple for years to come.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments (Mr Dreadful included!). They really helped me to decide and... the black coat won!

    I'm working camel already with my Zara cape and as I don't have a black coat, this was the obvious keeper.

    Glad the blog post inspired you to head to Uniqlo Little Miss Random!

    My coat is now £49.99 in the sale btw.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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