Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little wonder

This season's mini bag trend has got me worried. How can I declutter my handbag to the bare essentials? In an effort to streamline the amount I carry around, I've condensed my possessions to fit into this cute and colourful purse.

It's not quite minaudière proportions, but it's a good start in the downsizing stakes. And the best bit is, despite its fairly petite dimensions (20 x 23cm), it's a bit of a Mary Poppins bag. It holds my everyday necessities (wallet, phone, keys) and more (camera, make-up bag, notebook, pen), plus there's room to spare.

And, like Mary Poppins's carpet bag, it comes in a detailed tapestry fabric which is a little bit twee, a little bit boho and a whole lot vintage heirloom. The addition of the folky ribbon and colourful pom-poms, meanwhile, shouldn't work, but they do. They're quirky and fun. Ditto, the oversized wooden balls on the clasp – they're like giant Maltesers and are satisfying to click open and shut.

The only letdown is the faux-leather strap and red lining which are a little on the cheap side. But the lining's hidden from view and you can tuck in the strap to turn the bag into an oversized clutch. Besides, you can overlook these flaws when you hear the price: £8 from Primark. With its elegant frame, it's adding a touch of granny chic to my parka right now.


  1. That is lovely - I need to get me to Primark!

  2. Oooh--that's such a fun purse! I wish I had Primark in the States :(

  3. Hi bibbitybob,
    Hope you managed to get one!

    Thanks Jennifer!
    And hey, you may not have Primark, but you do have Target :)

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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