Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A sale bargain not to be missed

Don't you just hate it when you see something you bought full price in the sale? If I've had lots of wear out of it, that softens the blow. And I was wearing this velvet jacket just last week over my Giles dress, so it was priceless (my work coat just wouldn't have cut it over an evening gown!).

Anyway, do you remember this jacket? It's from Jil Sander's a/w 2010 +J collection for Uniqlo that I blogged about back in October. (Click here and here for the blog posts).

Well, if you liked it, you might be interested to hear it's been reduced – twice! – in the sale and is now down to a bargainous £29.99, reduced from £129.99 (yes, I did buy it at that price. And yes, it is heartbreaking).

I saw a dozen jackets left in London's Oxford Street flagship store just this evening. So, if you're a size extra small or small, you're in luck. It might be available in other stores, too, but sadly it's not online. Snap it up while you can – I hear velvet is still going strong for a/w 2011.


  1. i hate it when that happens!!! but hey, atleast you were first, right? :)


  2. Hey Reg Rodriguez,

    I was really tempted to get another one - just because it was such a bargain price and I love it so. Crazy, eh?

    I didn't but now wish I had!!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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