Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bargainista Fashionista is in Elle!

So, what does it take for Bargainista Fashionista to reveal all? A centre-spread in Elle? Oh, go on then.

Yep, I finally show my face in the free Style for Less supplement, out now with the April issue of Elle.

Throwing my semi-anonymity aside, I model my take on this season's trends (colour and romance, should you care to know), along with fellow bloggers Susie Lau of stylebubble.co.uk, Kristin Knox of theclotheswhisperer.co.uk and Bip Ling of bipling.com. Plus, we share our high-street haunts and secret shopping tips, too.

Two magazines for the price of one (that's £3.80 btw)? Bargain.


  1. Bought Elle today from our shop at Uni and had to visit your blog after reading the section - loving the blog and the clothes! I'll be a regular visitor. :) xx

  2. Nice article - of course we always knew you were a star! Congrats

  3. congrats on the spread I subscribe to Elle, so I saw the article, and actually did a double take (imagine cartoon face) I know that girl. great tips as usual

  4. H,
    Welcome to the world of Bargainista Fashionista! So glad you've discovered my blog. Keep reading!

    Thanks Krista and Adorngirl,
    Great to have the support of my Handpicked Media posse :)

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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