Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spot the difference



One is Bargainista Fashionista. The other is Barbie as seen on today.

It's been a little while since I did a blog collaboration with Barbie of the Day (click here and here for our previous work together) so to celebrate Bargainista Fashionista featuring in the pages of Elle this month (as shot by photographer Tung Walsh), I asked my BBF (best blogger friend) if he'd style Barbie in my image. After lots of pinning and sewing, here are the results. Doesn't Barbie look great? Barbie of the Day is a genius! Check out his fabulous blog for a daily fashion fix in miniature.

As for the hot pink lace dress, it's by my new favourite store, Whistles. At £250 it's not quite a bargain, but compared to the prices of lace gowns by the likes of Christopher Kane and Erdem, it's a steal, especially as the fabric quality and workmanship puts it in a similar league to designer dresses. It's definitely one to consider for a summer party or wedding. 

Me, I'll be justifying the price by cost-per-wear. And there are plenty of ways to wear it. With a neutral-coloured, lightweight jacket for work, with a twinset-style cardie for lunch with the girls, with a tux jacket for cocktails, with a loose tee on top to add a casual twist, with thick opaque tights comes autumn/winter… the list goes on. If you want to have fun working this season's brights, this is the dress to do it with.

I particularly love the tiers of lace that make up the skirt of the dress, while my practical side adores the built-in, silky sweetheart-shaped lining (no need to worry about what to wear underneath). And it goes without saying that I'm mad for the colour!

It should be hitting Whistles stores soon. In the meantime, check out the Lorna lace dress. In a pale peachy-pink, with short sleeves, it's a teeny bit cheaper at £175.

Bargainista Fashionista wears:
Lace dress, £250, by Whistles
Cotton socks, £8, by Jonathan Aston
Canvas trainers, £30, by Monsoon
Liberty-fabric suitcase, £60, by Merci for Liberty (read more about it here – and yes, the price has gone up since I first spotted it)

Barbie wears:
Dress by Barbie of the Day
Shoes and luggage, Barbie's own


  1. That is such a genious idea!! And that lace dress is lovely :)

  2. ...i lovee it...the dress is soo pretty x x


  3. This pink lace Whistles dress (aka The Victoria) went on sale last week and sold out super-fast.

    Lucky really as, although it was £175 not £250, I couldn't really justify the spend so soon after my Whistles Carrie skirt purchase!

    Would have been lovely though.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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