Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Whistles Carrie skirt update

Wow! My Whistles Carrie skirt blog post certainly got you talking. And no wonder, as Whistles CEO Jane Shepherdson told Grazia, 'It has become our most tweeted and blogged about Whistles piece ever.'

With only 600 Carrie skirts made – 100 midi and 500 knee-length – it was little surprise that it sold out so fast, despite the £110 and £95 price tags respectively. The good news is that Whistles is restocking the Carrie skirt nationwide on the 10th April. So, ring your nearest store and get your name on the waiting list now. What's more, in addition to neon pink, the skirts will be available in highlighter blue and lemon yellow.

Can't wait until next month? Well, if you're in London, Whistles on the 3rd floor of Selfridges has got an advance batch of pink and yellow Carrie skirts (while stocks last). I couldn't resist the temptations of the pink midi version, so now I have both. I certainly can't afford two skirts – especially in the same colour! – so if anyone fancies buying the knee-length version from me, just drop me an email. It's brand new and unworn – well, apart from in these blog pictures :)

What I have noticed on my new midi-length skirt is that gone are the raw, just-cut hems – a neatly stitched edge is now in its place. Plus, the waistband is narrower. Small details, but tweaks nonetheless. I assume Whistles has taken note of customer feedback and altered the design. Personally, I love the unfinished hem of the first incarnation, but I guess if it had frayed badly over time, I'd be a little sad.

Btw, if fluoro and pastel brights aren't for you, try the Whistles Erica pleated midi skirt. It's the Carrie skirt but in taupe. What's more, it's sunray pleats make it identical to the ChloĆ© version but a whole lot cheaper at £110.


  1. I've got a great vintage version of the skirt for sale! have a look at my blog to link to my shop. I'm heading to London for the next month so I'll be intrigued to see how many I can spot on the high street!

  2. Fearne Cotton was wearing this skirt on last night's Celebrity Juice on ITV2!

  3. Are you still selling the knee-length skirt? If so, email me - Thanks!

  4. * Strokes screen and makes strange cooing noises *

    I. Want. One!

    The Carrie will be restocked on 10 April but, until then, I may have to make do with the Erica skirt.

    Sarah x

  5. Hi sooze,
    You can't miss it - the skirt is a real eye-catcher!

    Thanks for the celeb spot! I read that Daisy Lowe wore the skirt to Coachella. I don't want to see any pics though!!

    Hey Elle,
    Sorry, I did manage to sell the knee-length version. Hope you managed to track one down though. Good luck!

    Hi Style Souk,
    I love the Erica actually. Wish I'd got that one, too (she says rather greedily!). Did you get it?

    Bargainista Fashionsita x x x

  6. Something of a late reply to this - A lazy bugger? Me? - but, yes, I did buy the Erica.

    It's such a beautiful copy of the Chloe skirt and I have already worn her to near death.

    So beautiful, in fact, I greedily bought the Carrie in red last week... :0)

    Sarah x



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