Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Whistles Carrie skirt

Recently, I've been obsessed with Carrie. No, not SJP's alter-ego in Sex and the City (although just as stylish). I mean the Carrie pleated skirt from Whistles.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Where have you been? This pleated polyester skirt in highlighter pink has been featured everywhere. Flirty, fun and bright, Carrie is this season's bestseller. So much so, everyone has been tripping over her skirt lengths to get the calf-grazing midi version at £110.

It's been an instant sell-out. Yep, even Bargainista Fashionista has failed to get her hands on one. But, thankfully, Carrie also comes in a shorter, sassier knee-length version at £95. So that's what I got, just so I could have that fabulous fluoro pop of colour hanging in my wardrobe.

Want one, too? The good news is I've heard more skirts are in production. In the meantime, ring around. That's what I did. Whistles is most obliging in terms of putting an item on hold for you. Plus, stores will post an item out to you, too.

Trust me, Carrie's worth it. The neat pleats, prim yet pretty, turn librarian/granny chic into sexy and sophisticated. And I love how the voluminous, lightweight swathes of material with that raw, just-cut hem intensifies the vibrancy of the colour.

If you want to work the fluoro trend in a feminine manner, this is the way to do it. Copy Jil Sander and wear your brights with a plain fitted white tee. Or do what Isabelle over has done and team brights with brights. Damn it, I want the longer version now!



  1. Fab - where are those sandals from?

  2. I keep seeing this everywhere and REALLY REALLY want it!! Just not sure that I can justify the money... :(

  3. I missed the longer version, too. I hope I will get it when it comes back online, as I am far from the nearest store...

  4. Love these pics! I need to do a bit of twirling and swirling, will take some cues from you and try the chunky sandal/sock route.

  5. I think I prefer this knee-lenth version actually!
    The colour is absolutely gorgeous, but a bit of out my price budget at the moment; I managed to snap up a similar style one from Topshop though in a lovely midnight blue.


  6. I love the way you've styled this! And it photographs beautifully :) x

  7. OMGosh what a beautiful colour and shape, it looks amazing! Love your blog, your photos are sweeeeeet!


  8. Love this and got it yesterday - prefer the knee length version, one of two left in the shop! have you noticed the fraying on the edge, it's a style feature! the shop did say that if it frayed more than I wanted they would get it sewed and post it back to me at their cost - great service!
    By the way I am ebaying my gold pleated skirt from Topshop that you also mentioned on your blog as i don't get on with the half slip, it keeps riding up in an annoying fashion, the Whistles skirt has a full length slip but needs to be drycleaned - ah well!
    lastly Whistles are 10% off with a student card so it does bring it down a bit

  9. I bought a skirt this similar style to this from Primark, for a very student friendly £8, it's shorter with a black band!

  10. awwwh i want this! everything about it is gorgeous.

    Helen, X

  11. This looks gorgeous on you - the colour & cut is fab, even if it isn't quite a bargain. Loving that last photo - very marilyn! x

  12. Wow! Thanks for all your comment. Here's a few individual replies...

    Such a bright pop of colour isn't? There's lot of hot pink on the high street at the moment.
    The sandals are by Pierre Hardy for Gap. Past season, sadly. But I got them on eBay. I blogged about them after seeing your comment:

    Hey Shopgirl,
    The skirt is worth every penny - I promise!

    Anna Maria,
    Hope you managed to get a skirt. You can also ring around stores to track one down - stores accept payment over the phone and will post out to you.

    Glad you like the pics. Try Gap's Pierre Hardy Mary Janes with the skirt, too:

    flights of fancy,
    I was tempted by midnight-blue Topshop skirt. It's lovely.

    Thanks Kirsty,
    Carrie is very photogenic! ;)

    Thanks, too, The Style Rawr,
    The Carrie skirt makes taking photos easy! So pleased you love my blog.

    Hi Deborah P,
    I actually love the fraying on the edges! It proves you got skirt the first-time around - a badge of honour if you like! My 'second-batch' skirt has a different hem that doesn't fray. I still love it though!

    Well done you, Myya, on finding a Primarni bargain!

    are you dressing up or dressing down,
    I'm with you there: Carrie is gorgeous!

    Fashion Bandit,
    The price isn't wholly bargainous, but Carrie has been a fantastic investment. It's such a head-turner and makes me feel so happy when I'm wearing it :)

    Thanks again everyone!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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