Sunday, April 17, 2011

Care Bears at Uniqlo

Care Bears have had turns as greeting cards, plushes and movie stars, even. Now, they're having a fashion moment as Uniqlo puts these cute characters from the 1980s onto T-shirts for its latest UT collection.

Following the Japanese store's UT collaborations with Cath Kidston and Antoni + Alison (with T-shirts featuring Barbie rumoured to follow), the Care Bear UT collection goes on sale tomorrow with 20 tees to choose from, all at just £7.99 a pop.

So, guilty pleasure or ironically cool? Who cares. I heart them.*


* I'll most likely wear my tee on the beach or in bed.


  1. I have a lip balm in the shape of a Care Bear's head! I got it a few years ago from Urban Outfitters and love it despite having broken the hinges.

  2. Aw I loved CareBears :) I am sure my mum still has them in the loft :)

  3. I might have to buy the pink one, so cute :-)

  4. Very cute, takes us back to our childhood! Great blog :)

  5. The Care Bears have struck a chord! I think it must be that retro-nostalgia about them. Glad you all like!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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