Thursday, April 14, 2011 £2 sale

Remember my £1 Giles dress from's first birthday sale? (Click here and here for the blog posts.) Well, the discount designer fashion outlet is doing all over again tomorrow to celebrate its second birthday, this time with items priced at £2.

But to avoid the frustration and disappointment of last year, where many customers couldn't even get onto the website, has made it more of an exclusive affair, with just 2,000 tickets available for the £2 sale.

So, with a mere 2,000 customers entitled to access and each person only allowed to buy one item, one assumes there should be enough bargains to go round. Otherwise, what's the point of being one of the select few if there are even fewer products to buy?

Sadly, Bargainista Fashionista isn't one of the lucky 2,000. But my friend Ivy is. So, while we were discussing shopping tactics today, I thought it might make a useful blog post. Rather late in the day, I know, but this is sound advice for future flash sales, too. Meanwhile, for those 2,000 of you out there, here's some tips I gleaned from last year's experience…

Be an early bird
Right, ticket winners, apparently, you'll be informed by email between 8am and 9am of the sale start, so make sure you're at your computer well before then.

Open lots of windows
Once you receive the sale link, open it up in several windows. This allows you to multi-browse, shopping for different things in separate windows. Plus, if a page is taking a little while to refresh, you can carry on shopping in another window. However, there shouldn't be the technical difficulties encountered last year, as surely the site should be able to cope with 2,000 people online at the same time?

Be specific
Be an efficient shopper and shop by size. After all, there's no point in looking at size 12 clothes if you're a size 8, is there?

Your best bet
A popular product is the designer handbag. It was one of the items that sold out first at last year's sale. And the beauty is, unlike clothing, you don't have to worry if it fits or not. Ditto for accessories and jewellery.

Speed is of the essence
There's no time for faffing. The item isn't yours until your transaction has gone through successfully, so remember fastest finger on the button wins. Make sure you have an account with set up in advance and have your debit/credit card to hand.

Good luck! And remember, there's always Primark for a £2 bargain!

PS. Let me know if you get anything (from the £2 sale, not Primark!).


  1. Good news! On the T&Cs it says: 'The sale will include a total of approximately 2,400 products' so that means there's definitely an item for every ticket holder. Happy shopping!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  2. I squealed with excitement when I heard about this sale, but sadly did not secure a ticket. Primark it is then! Hope your pal has a good cheapy shopping spree!

  3. Oh man! I missed the sale last year and I missed it this year :(. Oh dear!

  4. How have I managed to miss this again!? Ahhh well, did you manage to get anything? Just discovered your blog, am now following - love it! Check out my page and follow back (if you like it of course!)

  5. if anyone is interested, theoutnet got some new goodies (hervé legér, alexander wang, givenchy) in today with markdowns up to 70%:

  6. Julia M,
    I didn't get a ticket either :(
    But I can't complain as I was lucky enough to bag a £1 bargain last year.
    My friend Ivy got a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes, while another friend, Grace, got a Vanessa Bruno dress. Lucky gals!

    Hey Joelle,
    There's always next year. Pencil it into your diary now! A £3 sale for's 3rd birthday perhaps?

    SMS Style,
    Glad you love the blog. Welcome to the world of Bargainista Fashionista!

    Thanks for the tip Nadine!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  7. Hi ladies, I just bought Carrie´s SATC dress from Halston Heritage:



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