Monday, May 9, 2011

Fab find for a fiver

Sale bargain alert! This H&M cotton shirt dress was £19.99. Now £5. I like how it takes the classic man's shirt and moves it on a little with the pin-tucked bib front, the contrasting black buttons and the longer-length back.

Like it? It comes in white with black buttons, too.

Oh, and come autumn, you can team it with jeans and a round-necked sweater for a casual, preppy look.


  1. Love this shirt dress - H&M's sales are always fabulous :)

  2. Love this! Will be trawling my local H&M :)


  3. love thi x
    please take a look

  4. Ahh, thank you for your lovely comments.

    Kat, I hope you found one.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  5. Good find indeed - I might need to get down to H&M soon. I saw the white one online, but can't decide if it's as nice as the one you got. I think the white one would look better if I found some interesting buttons to replace the black ones. for thought :)

  6. I love this shirt/dress, i think for my perfectionist nature I would have to iron it with starch! Truly covers many styles this summer Minimalist, Holiday and White. A fab find.



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