Monday, May 23, 2011

Show Me Your New Look


Press days are a big novelty for me as I don't get to go to many, so imagine my excitement when I not only got to preview the clothes hitting the high street next season, but I also got to try them on and be photographed in them, too. Oh, and then appear on two blogs!

That's what happened when I went to New Look's autumn/winter 2011 press day a few weeks ago. Me and some of my fellow bloggers were shot by photographer Jackie Dixon wearing our favourite New Look autumn/winter picks. The results are up on the New Look blog and on Jackie's own blog, Show Me Your Wardobe, right now.

The paillette skirt was the most fun item to wear, the giant iridescent sequins making a melodic noise with every sashaying move. Sitting down is a bit of a no-no for fear of crushing the embellishment, but if you're looking to work next season's space-age trend, this is the piece to snap up. It's very Marc Jacobs, too.

For more delicate embellishment, meanwhile, the beaded cape details on both the sheer blouse and dress are really pretty. I haven't got any prices for these autumn/winter pieces, but as it's New Look you know they'll be purse-friendly. And, take it from me, I think next season is the high-street store's best yet.


  1. Wow you look amazing - you make New Look clothes look designer! love Miss Storey xx

  2. Love your pics! Such a beautiful smile



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